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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Maritime Archaeology Museum - resenting Sri Lanka and Oceanic Connectivity -Gallle

Reminiscence of dialogues over the Indian Ocean

A magnificent opportunity at the Maritime Museum in Galle Fort  to get to know about the history and archaeology of the links which Sri Lanka had with the people and the cultures of the distant lands of the Indian Ocean and beyond.

Display of the museum comprises objects, replicas,models,panels,videos and reconstructions that cover a long period of time which spans from 5000 BCE to the late 19th century CE.2200 years old depiction of a ship which is appeared in one of the inscriptions found in North Central province in Sri Lanka, the logo of  this museum itself symbolizes this continuous tradition.

As a Island Sri Lanka had been inspired by different cultural waves that had blown from diverse directions over the Indian Ocean through ages. The earliest occurrence of such perhaps could even be pushed back to the prehistoric period.

To present this elegant long story of the maritime archaeology and history of SriLanka, the display galleries of the Museum has been divided into seven segments which accorded with a presupposed conceptual flow.

Presentation all the way through this shematic conceptual ladder, the display of the museum has attempted to emphasize how SriLanka and her culture wedded with external traditions and subsequently well coped with the local folklore.

You may find it interesting to walk along the galleries while passing the reconstruction of the 7000 year old prehistoric open air site of one of the groups of coastal inhabitants and will reach the colossal image of the Bodhisattva Avalokitheshvara, a god and the protector of sea farers. Meanwhile when you go through a display of splendid artifacts in three galleries in the upper floor, and finally you will end up with a curious experience of the Avondster gallery at the down floor which takes you to a simulated tour into an underwater excavation of a 17th century Dutch ship which was wrecked in the Galle harbor.  


Museum cafeteria at hall number 3(ground floor) offers a range of light beverages on demand.

The Museum Book shop offers a memorable experience.It is located adjacent to the cafeteria and it sells books related to SriLankan History,archaeology with special reference to martime history and culture,souvenirs and gift items for all occasions.

Visitors with disabalities
All galleries in the upper floor are accessible to visitors on wheel chairs from the main entrance.Entrance to the ground floor is located from the Queen's street.
Any inquiries call on  +94 91 2227640

The Event  Hall
A space is allocated in the upper floor as a valued venue in order to present vivid events such as temporary exhibitions and academic gatherings.
Any inquiries call on  +94 91 2227640 or Contact Museum Curator -

Information Center
Museum information center located at the entrance lobby of the upper floor, provides a facility to access information online about the Museum through a networked digital database.

Open air installation
Display of the museum does not confine itself to the in-door exhibtion at the Ware House. It has incorporated the surrounding landscape into the presentation. The oepn-air installation presents traditional wooden boats and outrigger canoes placed on a sandy beach adjoining the Museum building. It is also a leisure space for adults and children. Innovative presentations(conserved ship,a boat ride the Black fort) are planned for the near future.
Refreashment ourtlet are also located at this facility.

The Black fort and the Rampart
Notheastern corner of the fort known as the Black fort,was originally a Portuguese construction as their first stockade.It has serveral features such as gun powder magazines,tunnels,prison cells and bases of gun turrets.

Opening Hours
Seven days a week 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m except special Government holidays.


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